"Sandy Bay Interactive executed a complex legacy upgrade for our flagship website using Ektron CMS400. This included importing 8 years of content, incorporating new features, and maximizing the strength of Web 2.0 techniques giving us a richer and broader-reaching website. The Sandy Bay team is organized, savvy, and always up-to-date with new web development tools in a swiftly evolving market. It was a satisfying work partnership with gratifying results."

– Peter Di Maso,
Web Developer, Here Media

Our Process

We believe our process is what sets us apart from our competition. It's not rocket science - in fact it's mostly just a lot of common sense.

We start by engaging our clients to be a part of their own experience. This includes round-table discussions about what's necessary to accomplish an end goal with the web project, so we're able to learn and embrace the needs and wants of our partners.

In the next step we take the information we've gathered and turn it into a blueprint for the project - following a timeline and ensuring all members of the teams involved are key to the success of the plan. Blueprint in hand, we begin the process of designing and building your web site. Then we test...and for good measure, we test some more. Once we're convinced everything is working as it should, we teach you how to use all functions - our goal here is to make you comfortable with the technology.

Finally, we measure the results and outcomes as defined at the start of the project. We're not successful until you are sucessful.

Let us help you define and translate your organization's vision to the Web!

Today's Office Playlist

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